The crisp spring morning air greeted the brave that met at the superdome. It was 6am. Stories and plans of cars and mods exchanged excitedly amongst enthusiastic owners as they stood besides their cars waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. The clock struck 6:40 and the sound of engines firing up echoed around Olympic Park.

The cars rolled in one by one into Oran Park. Toyotas, Mazdas, Nissans, Hondas, Mitsu’s..there were all sorts of makes and models awaiting the onslaught of the day ahead. Strangers quickly turned into friends with the help of our nametags. The day started off slowly as we listened to Luff’s anecdotes as well as a few safety driving tips. Clearly that wasn’t what we were there for.

Our first practical exercises warmed us all up and got our heart’s pumping. Emergency braking and swerving techniques were taught to us and how to react in emergency situations. Straight line braking at various speeds, straight line braking in the wet, swerve braking in the wet. All just an entrée to the day as we took a break for lunch.

After lunch we quickly raced off to our parked cars. Our hearts slammed down the A-Pedal as we watched ringo’s mx-5 go round and round and round the circle they laid down for us. A quick demonstration of under and oversteering, quickly followed by power-oversteering was performed before our groups got split up. One group was to continue with the circle. Going around the circle, pulling up handbrakes, full lock, screeching tyres. We all thought we were the new drift-kings.

The other group got to attack the slalom course. A quick run through a handful of cones, followed by a sharp turn and then back through the cones got the competitive bug to bite. Taking the car beyond our limit’s as we tried our hardest to outdo each other. A team effort on the clover-leaf course also pitted one group against the other.

The day ended with the spectacular demonstration of Luffy doing a 360 coming from a 110km/h straight. The first attempt could’ve gone horribly wrong as he nearly got the poor S14 to flip, getting 2 wheels in the air. The day finished off with their second attempt in their VR-X Magna’s, this time, looking like clockwork.


ACoA would like to thank everyone who participated in our 2nd Advanced Driving course, as well as the staff at Ian Luff.

Photographs by
Nathan Rodger
Andrew Ringland

If you would like express interest in Stage 2 which will hopefully be held sometimes towards the end of the year ... please email