... "Well, it all started when I had an NA Supra. I always wanted a TT Supra, so I sold the NA, in search of the a TT Supra. Insurance prices stopped me from buying one, so I looked for what I liked second best, the Altezza!

It took me about 3 months to find a decent one, but in that time, I had already purchased a set of buddy Club Wheels and Eibach springs to put on it, once it arrived. Finally Got it, and already had the kit, I drove away, loving the first couple of days, until the performance bug hit!

The car, was just so slow, didn't like to rev etc, it did everything better than the Supra, except for straight line performance, While I had close friends, driving a GTR, S15 and a TT Supra, I felt left out.

So I set about doing some performance research. I had bought a Trust PEII Cat back exhaust, and SARD filter kit, but this wasn't enough, so I looked at some supercharger kit options, or turboing the motor. After talking to a mechanic, he said, it would be probably cheaper, and a better package, if we use the 1JZGTE!

It all began, March 2004, I sent the car away, had already bought the motor, and the mechanic started. The mechanic was very lazy, and hardly worked on the car, nearly a year later, its finally out.

With it being tuned with a Haltech E6X ECU, hybrid Intercooler, and 3" dump back exhaust, the car reeled off 180rwkw @ 10 psi. At the time the car was getting built, I got rid of the Eibachs, and got some Tein Flex coilovers, the TEIN EDFC, , TRD Sway bars (Yellows) JIC/Cusco front and rear strut bars, this made a great improvement, on the already rail like handling car. The car is everything you want, performance, style, handling, 4 doors. A sleeper too! Already surprised a WRX, HSV and 350z owners!!

My Future plans, are to get dump pipes made up, Trust Cam Gears, Boost controller, Seats and a brake upgrade. That should keep me happy for a while ..."

Shane " ?UESTLOVE"

1999 LEXUS IS200 Sports

1JZGTE Engine transplant, Hybrid 600 x 300 x 75 Intercooler, 3" Exhaust, with Xforce Cannon muffler, Haltech E6X ECU, Supra TT Fuel pump. JZX100 Chaser sump, JZA80 Supra W58 gearbox, Custom engine mounts, Steel Wheels turbos, Pod filter.

Stock stereo, SARD 2 bar boost gauge, Trust/Grex gear knob, JDM Dash tray

Toyota Elegance body kit, TRD Carbon grill, Altezza Badge, Custom headlights

Street: 18 x 8 (rear) & 18 x 7.5 (front) Rays Engineering Gramlights 57 pro
Falken FK451 Tyres- 225/35/18 front & 245/35/18
Track: 17 x 7 Sparco Python with Falken Azenis RT115

Stock brakes, with performance pads. TRD Yellow front and rear sway bars. TRD Bushes. JIC / Cusco front and rear Strut tower bars. Tein Flex coilovers with Tein EDFC, damper adjuster

180rwkw @ 10psi

Che for the wheels, Hakan @ performance exhaust, Frylai (matt), Adam @ JEM, Everyone from the ACoA, All my friends, Paul, NV, 4Door, Pete, my cousin Chris, my Parents and my GF Carol.

Photo courtesy of
MJT Photographs